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Monday, April 16, 2018

Meeting Miss May

Around this time last year (April 8th 2017 to be exact) I popped in to buy a signed copy of Imelda May's latest album 'Life, Love, Flesh, Blood.' It was a quick meeting with only a few words exchanged but it was nice to meet such a talented singer. She also seemed like a very nice genuine person with a really good sense of humour. Her album is great and her voice is amazing. My favourite song from the album is 'Levitate', mainly because it sounds like it could be a classic James Bond movie theme! It's a brilliant tune accompanied by a wonderful collection of songs which bind together to make this album a really worthwhile addition to any record collection!

Here's a clip of Imelda May's album signing at Tower records on Dawson street, Dublin last year.

Too often many celebrities or people of distinction or office just smile and shake a hand with a few crocodile tears thrown in for good measure, but Imelda May wears her heart on her sleeve. While chatting at her record signing I mentioned that I was over from abroad to see my parents and told her my father wasn't well. She listened closely and asked me to pass on her best wishes to him. She even asked me to say hello to all my friends living over in Finland. As well as signing her album for me she also signed a promotional poster with a greeting written in Finnish (or Finland-swedish which might be the case!). After asking what to write on the poster she giggled saying 'I hope this means what you're telling me, I don't want to find myself in the Finnish news for the wrong reasons!'. Anyway, just thought I'd post a few photo memories on my blog today. It was nice to meet this amazing singer and a real Dublin celebrity.

Imelda May's record signing queue in Tower Records.

Morjens Finland!

'Sally O'Brien and the way she might look at ye! ...or Imelda May even!! 😊

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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Summer in Dublin, again!

Over the past few years I have often heard Irish people talk and reminisce about the warm summers of the mid-1970's and early 1980's. I often rambled on about it myself sometimes.
Well, after this summer of 2013 I reckon all that might quiet down a little. Last month was one of the warmest Julys in recorded history of Irish weather and I had the luck to be on holidays right there when it all happened. I want to post a few photos on my blog here for my own record and also just to show the world that Ireland can be a wonderful place when she gets some sunshine! (okay, it can be a pretty good place without the sun too!)
I went on a little roadtrip from Dublin to the west coast of Ireland with some friends from Finland. It was really great to show my home country at it's best and I think the Finns enjoyed it. Also it was their first ever visit to Ireland, so a bit extra-special! I don't like to do on-the-spot travel blogs as I am usually too busy enjoying myself to start typing. But over the next few entries in my blog I will post some photos of the places I visited, including County Galway, County Clare, the Aran Islands, Kilkenny City and firstly my hometown Dublin. 

Lambay island, off the coast of Dublin.

Coastal rocks near Malahide in County Dublin

View over Dublin from Deer Park Golf club in Howth, County Dublin.

View of lighthouse from Howth summit in County Dublin.

View of Dublin Bay from Howth summit.

Dublin Bay on a sunny day in July.

After arrival in Dublin, it was off to John Kavanagh's pub also know as the Gravediggers because of it's proximity to the Glasnevin cemetary next door. Here's what was going on at the cemetary gates while I supped on my pint of Guinness. The Ghostbus is doing a tour with shots of alcohol being passed around to it's passengers to keep them awake. (below) 

Gravediggers Ghostbus at Glasnevin cemetary.

While I've been to visit my family back in suburban Dublin on many occasions over the past few years, I reckon it must be over 4 years since I have actually gone into Dublin's city centre. Unfortunately I only spent one day there, but this time as a tourist!

Moore street, Dublin

The famous GPO (General Post Office) and
the infamous Spire on O'Connell St.

Interior of the GPO (General Post Office)

Statue of Daniel O'Connell

Trinity College, Dublin

Old parlimentary building, now the Bank of Ireland.

Ron Black's Dawson Lounge: Dublin's smallest pub
Take a look inside on this Norwegian news video below.

Christchurch Cathedral, Dublin

St.Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin

The Church of Guinness, Dublin
... you can almost smell it's goodness!

The gates of heaven

Lost souls follow the signs! 

The Wellington Monument in the Pheonix Park, Dublin.

The Real White House . The President of Ireland's House

Old Jameson whiskey distillery, Dublin.

The Ha'penny Bridge, Dublin

Grounds of Trinity College, Dublin

Viking splash tour, for our scandinavian cousins!

Molly Malone

Wicklow street, Dublin

Georges Street Arcade

Hogan's bar, South Great Georges Street, Dublin

Correct Time at The Long Hall pub on South Great Georges Street

South Great Georges Street, Dublin

Temple Bar area

Oliver St.John Gogarty Pub
Nice pub, but the biggest rip-off in Dublin!

Hard Rock Cafe, Dublin. 
Don't expect to get inside with so many students about!

Deception of the highest level!!!

O'Connell Street by bus

Molly again!


Arthur Guinness lived here!

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