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Monday, May 21, 2012

The Soft Parade

Sorry, I had planned to write this blogpost earlier, but a few incidents such as entertaining Irish visitors in Finland, an anti-virus meltdown on my computer and a few important barbeques amongst other things got in the way. But anyway, here it is now!

artist Emmi Vartiainen and dj Ville Kotka at Jade Gallery in Helsinki
I didn't want to forget about writing this post for a wonderful art exhibition I attended earlier this month, especially as there's still plenty of time to visit it. The opening of Emmi Vartiainen's exhibition entitled 'Soft' took place at Jade Gallery in Helsinki on Friday 4th May. The exhibition continues until the end of May 2012. 

I had seen some of the artist's work previously through online social media, but I wanted to see more of her creations and view them in person. I will admit that I was a little apprehensive about seeing this exhibition as I detected a major influence of Manga art, an eastern art form which I find a little uninteresting and used as a 'street-cool' art for far too long now. But having seen Emmi Vartiainen's artwork I could only feel a slight influence of the manga. On the contrary, I felt there was more influence from the art nouveau style from the late 19th-century. Names such as Klimt and Czech art nouveau painter Alphonse Mucha come to mind.
When viewing Vartiainen's work one can't help but feel relaxed. This may be because of mellow colours and a softness to the atmosphere they create. However, there is a touch of the grotesque and macabre in her paintings. It is introduced in a soft manner though, and only adds to each painting's individual appeal. I enjoyed the mix of old school nouveau, street cool modern imagery and subtle decadence.  

Emmi Vartiainen -  inhale

Having looked at all of the art on view at the exhibition I got chatting with dj Ville Kotka who accompanied Emmi's art with a musical mix of tasteful background beats and tunes. I had a pleasant talk with both the artist and the dj about a lot of things including their hometown Lahti, music, history and of course Emmi's art. 
I managed to buy a small print while I was there, which the artist happily signed for me. It was a copy of the main image used for the art exhibition. Here it is below, it's called 'Little Star'.

Emmi Vartiainen - little star

I highly recommend this exhibition if you happen to be visiting Helsinki. If you are on Facebook, you might like to visit the event page here. Or you can find details at the Jade Gallery website here. 

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Moments of Light

Pauli Luoma

Last Thursday April 5th 2012, I attended the opening of 'Valon Hetkiä', an exhibition of oil paintings by Pauli Luoma at the Jade Gallery in Helsinki, Finland. The title of this exhibition translates from Finnish to English as 'Moments of light'. The artist Pauli Luoma from Hamina, was displaying some of his most recent work including some new paintings featuring wonderful coastal scenery from western Finland. 

Pauli Luoma - Tuulinen päivä (Windy day)

It was clear to see the artist's gifted talent in his achievement to capture perfectly the balance of daylight tones reflecting on each of his images. The painting above is no exception. While the viewer is immediately drawn to the pale tones associated with grey skies and wind, one can't help but notice those warmer tones on distant trees cast from hidden sunbeams. I suppose it is these lighter tones or moments that we must appreciate and cherish, for as with life's similar moments they never last very long and often fail to return the way we remember.

Here's a photograph of myself with the artist Pauli Luoma and a gallery visitor taken during the opening of his art exhibition at Jade Gallery in Helsinki last week. Thanks to Jatta Hartikainen for this photo.

Alan Hogan (left) and  Pauli Luoma (centre) at Jade Gallery, Helsinki. - April 2012

As well as landscapes, Pauli Luoma's current exhibition also includes a selection of his figurative paintings. I found these to be a nice accompaniment to his landscapes, with calming tones and complimentary moods.

Pauli Luoma - Nainen valoisassa huoneessa (Woman in a bright room)

Here's a video featuring more of Luoma's wonderful figurative work.


Pauli Luoma's 'Valon Hetkiä' art exhibition continues at Jade Gallery in Helsinki until 30.04.2012. 
If you have any questions or wish to meet the artist, he will be present in Jade Gallery on the following date, 22.04.2012, 13.00 - 17.00

Thanks to Pauli Louma for inviting me to his opening exhibition and thank 'you' for reading my blog. Feel free to share with all your friends.


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