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Monday, May 11, 2015

Two Landscapes and a Council of Trees!

Here's two paintings I made a few years ago.

'Sophia's Landscape'

The first here is called 'Sophia's Landscape' and it shows a typical summer scene from western Finland. This particular painting was from a photograph taken near the town of Nivala in the province of Oulu. The original painting is now owned by a private art collector in Helsinki.

This original photo from Nivala/Finland
was inspiration for 'Sophia's Landscape'

'Fourteen Angry Trees'

The second painting is made up of four individual frames each sized 70cm x 50cm. I decided to call it 'Fourteen Angry Trees', but I might be willing to change the title if anyone has a better suggestion. It depicts an imaginary landscape behind fourteen distressed and bitter-looking trees with a lot on their 'mind'. To achieve the image above I photographed the four original paintings and joined them together using image-editing software on my computer. The original painting or tetraptych (size 70cm x 200cm) can be seen in the video below.


Prints of 'Sophia's Landscape' are available here!

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Friday, May 6, 2011

Asteroid !!!

Someone I know recently told me they don't bother reading newspapers or looking at tv news anymore because it's nothing but doom and gloom, and it's more likely to send you into a state of permanent depression. I've just been looking through some of today's news stories myself through various internet pages and I can completely understand. Terrorism, war, sickness, pollution, natural disasters, recession, job losses, animal cruelty, extreme poverty and the list goes on......
But today I noticed an article about something that could make all these troubles and problems go away!
Yes indeedy, all our worries can be put to bed forever.

Then I also noticed that the odds of this happening are quite long, depending on how you look at it.
Apparently a giant asteroid is set to come close to hitting earth later this year, or as they say, it will only just miss earth. The latter sounding like a better result for us. NASA have said that the asteroid will pass within 201,700 miles of our planet in November. They also say that we have nothing to be worried about. In fact a spokesman for NASA, Dave Yeomans said there is no chance of this asteroid called YU55 crashing into earth… for the time being. He said in a statement: “YU55 poses no threat of an Earth collision over, at the very least, the next 100 years.” Having said this, NASA go on to say that our moon is on average 238,855 miles away. This leaves a possible scope of around 37,000 miles between the asteroid and the moon. But I suppose there's no chance of it destroying our moon, or is there? I mean, 37,000 miles sounds like a huge distance to us humans, but in space terms it's just a fraction of a cat's whisker! An event such as this would obviously be devastating for the world as we know it. It may make the everyday problems we read about in the newspapers go away, but by then most of us will probably never have the chance to even notice nevermind buy a newspaper.
So in the meantime, life goes on and we all do our best to make life better for ourselves and others. Well, most of us do! 
So instead of arguing with your neighbour over silly little things why not invite them down to your local bar for a drink tonight. It may be the end of the world as we know it, but you will feel fine!!

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